Hamann Bentley Continental GT Speed Imperator



Imperator” makes you think at the head of state or a supreme commander and this might be the perfect name for the Bentley Continental GT Speed modified by Hamann, an exclusive luxury car with unique design. Hamann made a new body kit which consists of sixteen pieces like a new front bumper with LED daytime running lights, new side skirts, fender flares with vents, a new rear bumper with a small diffuser and a rear spoiler. Hamann installed 10.5×21″ wheels but customers could also get a set of even larger wheels sized 10.5×22″ on the front and 11×22″ on the rear side of the car. The car’s new design looks impressive and it would be the perfect vehicle for a head of state or Imperator. Under the hood the 6.0L W12 engine received a big power boost thanks to an upgrade at the car’s engine cooling unit with high flow catalytic converters, new pipes and mufflers.

The maximum torque was raised to 553 lb-ft and the 6.0L W12 engine could deliver 630 HP, while the Continental GT Speed version can be upgraded to 650 HP and 612 lb-ft torque. Thanks to a new control unit for the car’s air suspension, this modified Bentley Continental GT Speed could be lowered by 30 mm up front and 20 mm at the rear for more stability and a sportier look. Inside the car, the guys from Hamann added clear coated carbon fiber trim, a new sport steering wheel, aluminum pedals and other elements that will make anyone feel like a race car driver.


[Source: Hamann via Worldcarfans]

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