Vizualtech LeMans 2009 Dodge Challenger


Vizualtech is a Swedish company which creates stunning designs for cars rendered in 3d before they are built in real life. They could change the design at will before starting to modify a car and now they made a number of LeMans inspired 2009 Dodge Challenger designs. Challengers are usually modified as muscle cars and most tuning companies try to make it look dangerous but not like a race car.  We don’t know if these designs are wind tested or if they would work well in a real race but they are amazing and different than any tuning kit for Dodge Challenger i’ve seen.

Vizualtech LeMans 2009 Dodge Challenger was “painted” with a number of FIA GT liveries and the final result is impressive!

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3 Responses to “Vizualtech LeMans 2009 Dodge Challenger”

  1. david persad says:

    Omg, what a sick car!!! 1 of the sickest dodges i’ve ever seen

  2. chris says:

    deammmnn!this dodge is dope
    crazy body kit and looks

  3. Carz says:

    hahaha looks really sick! it’s overly done…car is so full, heavy and hardly breathes hehe

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