AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon

AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon

AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon

One of the best companies when it comes to modify a BMW is AC Schnitzer. They recently created a wide body kit for the BMW X5. The tuning kit is called Falcon and it’s made up of new front and rear bumpers, wide skirts with chrome insertions and large vents on the car’s hood to cool down the powerful BMW X5 engine. The suspension is a bit lower now and the new exhaust system and 22″ rims complete this car’s aggressive look. Since the car looks a lot sportier after the tuning, they decided to improve it’s performances as well, so the car’s 3.0L engine receive a slight power boost. AC Schnitzer increased it’s power from 286 HP to 310 HP.

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2 Responses to “AC Schnitzer BMW X5 Falcon”

  1. tony says:

    Hi, I have a bmw x5 diesel from the year 2003 and I would like to get two bumbpers ( one for the fron and one for the back . I live in Spain Mallorca . do you have a cathaloge with different models? . Can you send them to Majorca?


  2. Tuning Pro says:

    Hi, here is the English contact page for the tuning company AC Schnitzer:

    Please contact them for pricing and shipping details, Thanks!

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