Ocean Twingo GTRS II

Ocean Twingo GTRS II

Ocean Twingo GTRS II

Renault Twingo is perfect car for you if you’re living in small cities. I have to say that i don’t like it’s design at all when i see a stock Renault Twingo and i won’t buy a car like that probably. Ocean Evenement tried to modify this small, cute car, to be sportier, nicer, with a completely different look. This new Twingo has received a new body kit that brings the car closer to the ground and makes it look more aggressive. Also, those 18″ rims add a stylish touch to this car and i have to say that paint job was brilliant. The black and yellow combination looks pretty nice and you i think it’s a color combination that will bring more joy in your life. I’ve seen people driving a Twingo pretty ashamed by their car but if they’ll see you driving a Twingo like this one everyone will be impressed. This car was made by modifying a GT Turbo 100cv Twingo in a several ways. The guys from Ocean have also modified the car’s engine a bit, installed a new radiator for better engine cooling and  a dump forge Valve. The car’s handling was also improved a lot by adding a new suspension system from Eibach Springs. Since they wanted to change this car completely, they also made a couple of modifications to the car’s interior. They installed new sport seats from Recaro and equipped the car with a high performance sound system from Starsound.

Ocean Twingo GTRS IIOcean Twingo GTRS IIOcean Twingo GTRS IIOcean Twingo GTRS IIOcean Twingo GTRS IIOcean Twingo GTRS II

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3 Responses to “Ocean Twingo GTRS II”

  1. Damion Hodgson says:

    hi, i have a twingo gt and i want it to look a little like the gtrs 2. where was this body kit made and styled

  2. vicki says:

    dont no mate but its gorgeous :wink:

  3. Asha Wilson says:

    I love this car !!!!

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