Seat Leon tuning

Seat Leon

Seat Leon

Seat Leon is one of the nicest cars created by the Spanish car producer and if you own one, you’ll surely want to impress everyone with your unique Seat Leon. The guys from JE Design made a special tuning kit for car that makes it look really great. They’ve installed a wide body kit, LSD doors (like those from lamborghini) and 18″ rims with a color generates a great visual effect. The guys from JE Design also modified the car’s engine, to improve the car’s overall performances. Like this, they’ve made the engine to develop 244 HP with a maximum torque of 355 Nm. This unique Seat Leon can take you from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.4s and the tuners said that it has a maximum speed of 242 km/s. I’m pretty sure the owner is really satisfied with the car.

Seat LeonSeat LeonSeat LeonSeat LeonSeat LeonSeat Leon

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