Audi Q7

Audi Q7

If you’ve got an Audi Q7 you’ll surely impress everyone, but if you have one like this, everyone will fell in love with your car. This Audi Q7 was modified by JWR Car Styling, which installed this new body kit, made for Q7. As you can see, the car’s exterior shape looks nicer. The guys from JWR gave this Q7 a facelift by installing a double headlight kit and headlight eyebrows, rear valance, wide body wheel arches and a new front bumper. As performance modifications, they’ve only improved the car’s exhaust system, but the new wheels and 22″ alloy rims make the car’s handling really easy.

Audi Q7Audi Q7Audi Q7Audi Q7Audi Q7Audi Q7

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One Response to “Audi Q7”

  1. NoName says:

    This is one hell of a car ! Unfortunately the price tag is too high for me

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