1969 Chevrolet Camaro

1969 chevrolet Camaro

Reggie Jackson put a lot of effort when he modified this car, making it a great muscle car. This Chevy has a V8 engine that could develop 641 HP and the sound of the engine is simply thrilling. Reggie partnered with GM Performance Parts and GM Performance Division to get the latest parts installed on this car. This powerful engine is backed by a six-speed gearbox that makes handling really easy. The car’s exterior and interior design remained classic but there were some small changes on car’s design too. For example, the bumpers were brought closer to the body for a smoother appearance and better aerodynamics. Also, the interior is slightly modified and it has a lot more features than before.

1969 chevrolet Camaro1969 chevrolet Camaro1969 chevrolet Camaro

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