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Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010:

Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon

I had to post this car on the site because it gave me a good laugh with the name “Swagger Wagon” based off the Toyota Sienna. The all new Sienna has been a huge success so far for Toyota, and this project is straight over the top. It has been stretched and modified by taking a family functional minivan and turning it into a limousine. Customizations include new 20-inch KMC chrome wheels, Brazilian hardwood floors, HP TouchSmart computer, Xbox, and an all new audio system. The sound comes from 10 JBL GTO 428 speakers, two JBL GTO 804 subwoofers, and four amplifiers with 1700 watts of power. This swagged out Toyota Sienna Swagger Wagon will also be seen at the upcoming auto shows in Los Angeles, Detroit, and Chicago.

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