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Anibal Porsche Panamera Prestige Kit

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013:

Canadian tuner Anibal Automotive Design located in Montreal have released these images of an interesting package for the Porsche Panamera luxury sports car. They are calling this kit the Prestige, and showcases some computer generated concepts of the new aero package. It consists of a wider front and rear fenders, new front and rear bumpers, vented hood, lip spoiler, and a large wing at the rear to tie it all together.

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G-Tech Fiat 500 Sportster Tuning

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012:

The German tuning company G-Tech has released a new package for the Fiat 500 they are calling the Sportster. This Fiat was lucky enough to be stripped down and chopped up to make it more sporty while receiving a baby blue paint job. However, to make a Fiat 500 a true sports car, performance modifications under the hood are necessary. This is why G-Tech has put together two different packages for the 1.4-liter four cylinder turbocharged powerplant.

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