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Mansory Shows Carbon Fiber Love For The All New 2013 Range Rover Vogue

Monday, July 8th, 2013:

The all new 2013 Range Rover Vogue has received quite the kit from tuning company Mansory. A completely new full carbon fiber body kit was installed, which features aerodynamic spoilers on the front bumper, side skirts and rear sections. Mansory was able to widen the Range Rover Vogue 60mm with the new skirts, while the carbon fiber rear spoiler and integrated diffuser in the bumper round out the back.

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ONYX Range Rover Vogue and Sport

Monday, May 17th, 2010:

ONYX Range Rover Vogue and Sport

The ONYX tuning company have released the latest upgrade kits for the Ranger Rover Vogue and Range Rover Sport models. They now offer the Platinum V and S packages for customers seeking excellent styling, performance upgrades, and flawless craftsmanship. Including in the new tuning kits are new wheel arches made from the highest quality FRP, carbon fiber materials, used to manufacture side vents, front grilles, and rear diffusers. These are the same carbon fiber techniques used to construct high-end machines like Formula 1 race cars and aerospace engineering.

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ONYX Range Rover Vogue

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009:

ONYX Range Rover Voque Platinum V

ONYX Cars have released their initial renderings of the Platinum V tuning kit available for the Range Rover Vogue. The Range Rover received an all new body kit made of carbon fiber and consists of several pieces. Included in the package is a custom grille, redesigned rear bumper, and rear diffuser. LED daytime running lights were placed in the front bumper, and underneath the Range Rover Vogue is a dual exhaust system below the diffuser. Separating this Range Rover from the crowd are the 22 inch forged bespoke TPM1 MATT alloy wheels.

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Project Kahn Range Rover Vogue Stage 2

Sunday, August 16th, 2009:


The latest Project Kahn car tuning kit is available for the Range Rover Vogue and comes with the Stage 2 title along with interior styling for the customer. The tuners focused on letting the customers choose how they want the interior to look, while the exterior received several aftermarket improvements. Project Kahn installed their body kit on the Range Rover Vogue Stage 2 that consists of a new front spoiler, side skirts, and rear bumper that fits the aftermarket exhaust. A stainless steel, chrome polished exhaust system with aluminum tips was fitted underneath and it has a nice distinct rumbling sound. The Stage 2 features Kahn RS-D 22 inch 6-spoke wheels with Kahn valve caps and high performance tires to top it off. Kahn offers some interesting accessories for the buyer such as a fire extinguisher, golfing umbrella with carbon fiber shaft, and a high gloss piano black steering wheel or walnut steering wheel. Pricing for the Project Kahn Range Rover Vogue Stage 2 is 69,995 euros, and if you would like your Range Rover supercharged it is 78,995 euros.

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