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Vivid Racing 800HP Porsche 997 Twin-Turbo

Saturday, September 5th, 2009:


The guys from Vivid Racing have completed their Porsche 997 Twin-Turbo with outstanding results from the two Garrett GT3076rs turbos. Their goal was to obtain 800 crank horsepower, and after factoring in a 25 percent drivetrain loss on the Mustang Dyno, final numbers show 642 awhp and 616 ft lbs of torque. Using Softronic ECU flash technology they were able to pull everything together, and used VP 109 fuel to get these final performance numbers. On the dyno, the Porsche 997TT was run at 1.4 bar of boost, but if you are running on pump fuel of 91 octane, it is recommended to only run 1.0 bar of boost. With 93 octane you can run 1.2 bar of boost, and this is easily controlled with the Greddy Profec B Boost Controller.

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