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Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010:

Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS

The Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS just received a new face lift that is offering its potential owners the chance to show off a modified car that mixes just the right amounts of luxury, elegance, and sportiness. The new car tuning performance RS package is being offered exclusively from the German masterminds behind Piecha Design. The new design package will delight owners with such features as fog lights, new lateral double grills, an entirely different front end bumper complete with LED headlights specifically for daytime driving, a wide spoiler sword centrally located and additional brake air channel.

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Piecha Design Mercedes SL Avalange RS

Sunday, May 3rd, 2009:


The German tuning house Peicha Design is at it again, this time with a Mercedes SL R230, releasing an exclusive body kit called the Avalange RS. It starts with a completely new look for the front, a redesigned front bumper with custom grille that holds the Mercedes emblem costing 1,985 euros. Aftermarket daytime running lights and fog lights are included with the front package. A new rear bumper from the Avalange RS kit will cost 1,390 euros and the carbon fiber diffuser is still only optional. The bumper allows for the Quadro exhaust system to be installed, which consists of four chrome tips, and the complete exhaust will run you 1,475 euros.

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Piecha Design Mercedes SLK

Saturday, April 4th, 2009:


Mercedes Benz SLK is one of the most attractive roadsters on the market and probably everyone would love to drive it on warm sunny day near the beach with the roof down. Piecha Design is a Mercedes tuner based in Germany and even though they aren’t as well known as other tuning companies from the same country, they made an impressive tuning package for the Mercedes SLK enhancing the sportive appearance with a new front spoiler lip, rear flaps and an improved rear diffuser. The new front lip is custom made and it’s perfectly mixed with the spoiler to make a striking front side for this convertible. The rear spoiler lip and the rear diffuser can be added really easy and the refining specialist can install suitable diffusers for AMG stylish with four pipe exhaust systems.

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