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Oakley Design Porsche 997 GT2

Wednesday, March 11th, 2009:


Oakley Design used a lot of carbon fiber elements to create their own version of the 997 GT2 Porsche. They made a special body kit that consists of a new front spoiler with a front lip, a rear spoiler lip, new roof, new wheels and even a new roll cage which looks like a modern sculpture made from lightweight material. The car’s stock roll cage weights 60 kg and the new one installed by Oakley Design weights only 12 kg and any customer would feel that weight reduction when he’s accelerating the car. Under the hood, the car tuning company modified the engine cooling unit and after they installed a pair of KKK turbochargers this GT2 gained 89HP, from 523 HP to 632 HP. The car also received a stiffer suspension and better breaks.

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