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Mugen Honda N-ONE Body Kits

Friday, November 9th, 2012:

Mugen has already announced an upcoming body kit for the Honda N-ONE that just hit the market. This tiny car holds a three-cylinder 660cc gas engine that isn’t suitable for performance upgrades, so styling companies like Mugen are going to do their best to improve the appearance. They are designing two different kits made up of new bumpers with LED lights, front grilles, side skirts and rear enhancements. Additional modifications include new alloy wheels, suspension tweaks and customization’s to the interior such as new colored door panels, press start button, racing pedals and new floor mats.

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Mugen aftermarket parts for Honda CR-Z Hybrid

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010:

Mugen Honda CR-Z Hybrid

With recent news of the Honda CR-Z Hybrid going into production, Mugen has decided to manufacture aftermarket parts for those looking to personalize their car. Aiming to give the driver a cool sporty feeling while behind the wheel of the Honda hybrid, owners will have several aftermarket styling components to choose from. The Japan based tuning company Mugen has delivered highly sought after Honda styling and performance parts for tuners worldwide for many years. Dedicated to the sports car look, the new parts will include a front under spoiler with fog lights, new sport grille, side skirts, rear diffuser, carbon made license plate, and a stylish rear wing. Made from the highest quality materials, the aftermarket parts for the Honda CR-Z Hybrid will be easy to install from the smart Mugen engineering.

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MUGEN Honda Civic Type R

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009:

Honda Civic Type R MUGEN

The Honda Civic Type R by MUGEN has been confirmed for production, since so many enthusiasts were interested in the concept that was released in the United Kingdom. It is planned to be the fastest front wheel drive car in the world that is naturally aspirated. The Honda Civic Type R which is powered by the 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine, has been boosted by MUGEN to 240 ps. It was accomplished by replacing the stock pistons with aftermarket parts that increased the compression ratio. Tuning the ECU for the Type R and installing a stainless steel exhaust system along with a MUGEN airbox and filter also added to the performance increase.

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Mugen Honda Civic Type-R Hatchback

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009:


World famous Japanese tuner Mugen, have prepared the Honda Civic Type-R Hatchback for launch in the European car tuning market. From the factory it comes with a four cylinder 2.0 liter i-VTEC engine producing 200 horsepower, however earlier speculation has it at 240 hp. The Euro-spec Honda Civic Type-R is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission, and like most other Honda cars it’s front wheel drive. Mugen has dramatically modified this Civic however, using carbon fiber pieces for the new aero kit. The aerodynamic kit for the Type R consists of a new front bumper, front lip, and blacked out grille. Moving down the side of the car are redesigned side skirts leading to the custom rear bumper, diffuser, and an aftermarket exhaust on the Honda Civic. A new hood with dual air vents and a raised mid-section was also installed. Complimenting the body kit are gunmetal alloy wheels on all fours, and they match the body work of the Mugen Honda Civic Type-R Hatchback.

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Mugen Honda Insight

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009:


The new Honda Insight has a lot of elements that make it look like the small Toyota Prius and Mugen decided to eliminate any semblance with the tiny hybrid from Toyota and they changed the car’s design and tweaked the its performances to create a sporty Insight. The designers from Mugen made an aerodynamic body kit that makes the car really aggressive and no one would think that this Honda is actually a hybrid. They installed a new front grille and front spoiler lip, fog lambs, wide side skits, ventilated visors, a rear spoiler skirt with integrated difuser and a new rear wing. The car’s design is completed with a set of 15″ or 16″ aluminum XJ or NR 8 spoke wheels. Mugen claims that their new body kit creates zero lift so this kit is perfect when it comes to judge aerodynamics.

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Honda Civic Type RR

Saturday, January 19th, 2008:

The tuners from Mugen made a great job again with this new Honda Civic Type R. The car was presented at Tokyo Auto Salon and, from what you can see, it has a lot of carbon fiber elements which make it look really attractive. All elements from car’s front end are made completely from carbon fiber and specialists from Mugen installed a new 2.2L engine that can reach 260 HP and a torque of 235 Nm. Also, they’ve installed a new gearbox, new suspension and better brakes and the car’s handling became really easy. Another interesting element that was installed by tuners from Mugen is Intelligent Tire Condition Monitoring that manages the tire temperature. Again, in the interior there are a lot of carbon fiber elements that makes the car a supreme sport car. Read More →

Honda Fit F1545C

Saturday, January 19th, 2008:

Honda Fit F1545C was modified and redesigned by specialists from Mugen. The car has a new 1.5L engine that could develop 150 HP. Almost everything from this car was modified. They installed new suspensions, new exhaust system and performance brakes. The car’s shape was modified by installing a new body kit, which makes the car more aerodynamic, and lowers it closer to the ground. All the modifications made at this car make it much more attractive and it seems that tuners from Mugen don’t make any difference between cars, as they’ve modified the Honda Type R and Honda Fit. Read More →

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