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ArmorTech Maybach 57S Coupe

Monday, July 19th, 2010:

ArmorTech Maybach 57S Coupe

The Russian tuning company at ArmorTech who specialize in bullet proofing cars decided to tune the Maybach 57S Coupe. Featuring several styling and performance upgrades, the tuning firm was lucky to get their hands on this prestigious car. First, they added a new front fascia with LED daytime running lights, installed additional air intakes, a new roof, rear bumper, and integrated diffuser. They even moved the pillars back 20 cm on the Maybach, before installing two large exhaust pipes for enhanced styling. The ArmorTech Maybach 57S Coupe rides on stunning 20-inch rims, however customers can purchase larger 21-inch wheels if they feel the need.

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