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Kicherer Mercedes SL Evo II

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009:

Kicherer Mercedes SL Evo II

Kicherer claims that their newest project is not the new Mercedes SL, it’s not the SL 63 AMG, it’s all Kicherer. The Kicherer Mercedes SL Evo II has many custom made parts and even thought it’s based on the old Mercedes SL R230 it looks different. They made a carbon fiber rear wing and front skirt hand made and equipped the car with lightweight cast wheels and other goodies that will please any customer. The tuning package also includes new side air intakes which will cool this car’s engine easier, a lot of carbon fiber elements to improve the aerodynamics and a rear diffuser which will lessen air resistance. The SL Evo II is equipped with Kicherer Downforce System which is an electronically controlled flap that optimizes down force on the rear axle to improve stability, handling and performance.

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