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Inside Performance BMW X6 M Tuning Kit

Saturday, May 4th, 2013:

Here we have a new package from the guys at Inside Performance for the BMW X6 M. This fast and flashy SUV has been called the “Stealth” project by the tuners, however nothing about this exterior appears stealth to us. With the pixel camouflage theme used to mimic jet fighters and other flying vehicles, the color combination is out of place since this car will only be flying on the Autobahn.

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Inside Performance BMW 3 series

Monday, August 11th, 2008:

Inside Performance BMW 3-series

The guys from Inside Performance developed a special styling package for the BMW 3 series. The most impressive elements from this package are surely the rims that look exactly like the ones from the BMW M6 and the car’s exhaust system with 4 exhaust pipes just like the M3 model. The exhaust system costs 1,150 euro and clients could buy it with a special rear bumper made from carbon fiber that costs 650 euro. The styling package from Inside Performance also includes other parts made from carbon fiber such as side mirrors, truck spoiler, air scoops from the hood and other elements. Read More →

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