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Hamann Ferrari F430 Black Miracle

Sunday, February 15th, 2009:


The Ferrari F430 is one of the most eye catching cars ever made and Hamann Motorsport makes it stand out from the crowd with their special tuning kit. The called this Ferrari “Black Miracle” and even though it’s not red it will surely turn a lot of heads. The car looks like it’s covered in velvet and the black matte paint could receive red, orange or yellow additions which create a brilliant contrast. Hamann made a new aerodynamic kit with a lot of elements from motorsports. The front spoiler minimize front axle buoyancy and the wide panel wings lower the car and makes it look more aggressive. For the rear part of this Ferrari, the car tuning company installed a diffuser and a powerful rear wing which provide more downthurst and improves the car’s aerodynamics a lot.

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