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Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco

Tuesday, July 10th, 2012:

Gymkhana 5

Ken Block and DC Shoes have just released the Gymkhana FIVE: Ultimate Urban Playground; San Francisco for our viewing pleasure. If you haven’t watched the previous four Gymkhana videos, then wake up and check out the links below! GYM5 was based in the streets of San Francisco and consists of fast precise driving skills caught on raw video. Ken Block turned the whole city into his personal playground as you can see they completely shut down the entire Bay Bridge for him to drive through. Several large parts of the city were shut down for this epic four day filming.

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Gymkhana Infographic

Thursday, June 7th, 2012:

Check out the official Gymkhana Infographic that has recently been released by DC Shoes. Gymkhana set records worldwide, and you see what it took to make all four amazing videos. If you missed out on any of the Gymkhana videos or want to watch them again, visit these links below.

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