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G-POWER BMW X5 Typhoon

Thursday, March 26th, 2009:


The most powerful SUV has arrived: G-Power turned a BMW X5 into a Typhoon with 525 HP and an incredible muscular design. The car is equipped with with a V8 engine that could take this vehicle to a top speed of 275 km/h, setting new standards for SUVs in its class. G-Power made a striking body kit which consists of new fender flares and aprons designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency developed by the G-Power designers using the latest CAD technologies. All body kit elements were made from PUR-R-Rim plastics in OEM quality. The curved fender flares on front and rear and add seven centimeters to this X5’s width and will also create necessary space for extra-wide wheels and tires. The largest version of this car features G-Power Silverstone Forged Edition wheels sized 11Jx23″ on the front axle and 12Jx23″ on the rear axle. These wheels were custom made for this car and come with high performance tires sized 315/25 ZR23 from Michelin.

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