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RENNtech Mercedes C63 AMG Akrapovic Exaust System

Friday, November 26th, 2010:


Previously, the Florida tuners from RENNtech released the C74 kit for the Mercedes C63 AMG, and now they offer a full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system for the car. While the Mercedes looks great with the DTM-racecar-inspired body kit, the tuning firm wasn’t as satisfied with the stock exhaust sound. So they installed the Akrapovic unit which lightens the car by 43 lbs, and adds 12 extra horspower with 16 lb-ft of torque. I can’t say the exhaust note is something others will desire however, since it sort of sounds like the car could use some Gas-X. Those who are interested should contact RENNtech directly at 561-845-7888. Check the video after the jump to see for yourself.

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