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Dodge Dakota Convertible Truck

Friday, June 25th, 2010:

Convertible Truck

This Dodge Dakota Convertible truck was sold on eBay recently, and one lucky car tuning enthusiast was fortunate enough to grab this unique automobile. This is 1 of 909 built in 1990, and there were only around 3,000 ever manufactured between 89-90. Yes, the top is completely factory, and this truck is reasonably priced for how rare it is. Many of these convertible trucks were destroyed in the Cash for Clunkers, a program that lets owners trade in their old cars and trucks for a discount when buying a new car or truck from a dealership. Looks like the owner put a little work into tuning the Dakota convertible as well. Listed in the auction are several modifications including Eagle alloy rims, lowering links, alarm system, and a deep sounding performance exhaust.

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