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CUT48 Mercedes SLR McLaren Car Wrap

Thursday, January 17th, 2013:

The car wrapping specialists at CUT48 have given the Mercedes SLR McLaren a whole new look with a bright blue foil wrap. While this sports car remains very expensive and highly sought after by collectors due to the brand and history, pricing from the tuners remains affordable. For this project the blue and black gloss car wrap was stretched on for €4,350 or $5,800.

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Cam Shaft BMW M3 Coupe Wrapped Up

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012:

The German car tuners at Cam Shaft have completed a new project based on the BMW M3 Coupe. Since the company specializes in car wraps, they spread a new matte space-gray metallic foil over the sports car. Pricing for this modification is €1,785 or US$2,230 for the body and an additional €715 or US$890 to wrap other visible sections such as the door and cabin area. However, before the wrapping took place, Cam Shaft hooked up the BMW M3 with several aftermarket parts.

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Video: Dartz wraps a Mansory tuned Aston Martin DBS

Saturday, January 7th, 2012:

For those interested in seeing how a car wrapping project goes down, hit the jump to see Dartz wrap up this Aston Martin DBS in a time lapse video. The customers car received a matte red satin vinyl car wrap which completely transformed the look of the luxury saloon. That’s not all it received though. Before arriving at Dartz, the owner had his Aston Martin DBS hooked up by the world renowned car tuning company Mansory. They installed a complete body kit, Mansory alloy wheels, customized the interior, and upgraded the entertainment system as well.

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