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Honda Civic or BMW?

Sunday, January 27th, 2008:

BMW Civic

When you’ll see this car you’ll definitely say it’s a BMW 5 series because it looks exactly like one. The car’s body kit is exactly the same as a BMW, car’s attitude is also the same but, are you definitely sure that this is a BMW? It’s true, it’s not a regular one. This one has supreme pearlescent color, great rims and fancy tuning but, if you’ll open the hood, you’ll be really confused. The car has a 4 cylinder engine, and there’s written “Honda”. If you’ll look in the interior, it also has a couple of elements from Honda. And now, you’ve solved the mistery. This is a Honda Civic which was supreme tuned by it’s owner, to look as a BMW from the outside, with all elements that a 5-series BMW has. Read More →

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