Prior Design Cheap Porsche Cayenne Wide Body Kit


A new wide body kit from Prior Design has hit the tuning scene for the Porsche Cayenne. We have seen several of these popular wide body kits for this model, but this one is the most extravagant with vents all over and nice looking rear diffuser. New daytime running LED lights were placed in the front bumper and a new grille was installed that connects to the widened front fenders.

The new kit continues with side skirts stretching back to the new rear bumper along with the rear wheel arch extensions. All these aftermarket parts can be purchased for €8,900 or $11,800 which is very reasonable considering a top end Porsche Cayenne Turbo now retails around six figures. We have seen Porsche Cayenne complete packages starting at $30,000 just for a comparison.


Porsche Cayenne Wide Body Kit Pictures

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