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Car Magnets

Owning a start-up company or a small business is a tough task. One of the hardest responsibilities is marketing and advertising, and with big box companies and other larger brands spending millions on reaching out to customers most small businesses cannot keep up with less disposable income. Among small business owners, that restricted budget has led to creative, low-cost ideas. Car signs, including car magnets, car window decals, and the popular full-body car wrap, have become a must-have if a business hopes to survive. Many people believe that these types of signs are only appropriate for businesses with truck fleets or larger vehicles, but that is wrong. Regardless of the vehicle used by a business or its owner there is a car sign that can be effective and respectable to the car’s shape. Below are a few examples of vehicle models and the best sign options.

Sedans and Coupes

Sedans or coupes can be a great source for a small advertisement or message. Some models do have trim or curves along the body of the car that can cause problems, but a car magnet will work very for the smaller size. Car magnets do not take up too much room so not to be distasteful. If magnets are not something the owner believes will fit their vehicle, a centered graphic on the rear window can grab the attention of motorists as well.

Hatchbacks and Wagons

An added bonus wagons and hatchbacks have different from other cars of the same size is the rear window is typically upright or not at a strong angle. This is a great option for a full sized window graphic. The image and message will be set to the right position for a motorist to read and not have to stretch to see it. Like sedans and coupes, magnetic car signs are also an option.

Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks have an upright rear window which makes the truck a perfect lock for car window decals. The only deterrents would be if the window was too low causing a visibility restriction to some looking while on the road or if the rear window had a sliding capability. Other signs like car magnets or decals can be installed quickly if the truck needs to display DOT numbers or other required certifications.

Full-Size Vans

Full-size vans are a very popular vehicle choice for small businesses supporting a fleet of vehicles or are in need of room to transport its supplies. Large decals are the best option for this type of vehicle. The size of the van cannot be covered properly with a small window decal or other smaller products. Car magnets that size would be too heavy to hold to the car. The danger of it falling on another car on the road is very high.

SUVs, Crossovers and Minivans

These larger vehicles are more versatile for small businesses being able to carry lots of cargo, people, or just providing potential room. The large windows are perfect for full size graphics fit to the shape of the window. Some of these models can serve as a great car for a full body wrap or decorations. The size of the car and the advertisement will be a noticeable combination.

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