Modellista Gundam Style 2013 Toyota Auris

Gundam Style Toyota Auris

You didn’t read it wrong, this is the new ‘Gundam Style‘ kit for the upcoming 2013 Toyota Auris by Modellista. While it may be easily confused with the hit viral song ‘Gangnam Style’ by South Korean rapper PSY, this title actually relates to the Japanese animated television series with giant robots. Although this car is not a giant in itself, the large Japanese in-house tuning company Modellista has taken this car under their wing for some tasty modifications.

The aftermarket specialists have hooked it up with a new aero package featuring a new front apron with integrated LED daytime running lights, vents in the hood, rocker panels, roof spoiler and a new rear bumper with a diffuser. A red foil wrap is now covering the original paint, while a carbon fiber imitation wrap covers the roof.

Modellista decided to go with Char Aznable, a fictional character from the Gundam franchise as the inspiration for the design process. On all fours, the Toyota Auris “Char Aznable” holds 18-inch alloy rims wrapped in high performance tires. Inside the sporty hatchback are red accents for the dashboard, steering wheel and shifter.

Final tweaks to the Toyota Auris include a sport exhaust system that fits nicely with the diffuser, and a new suspension kit to tighten the handling while lowering the car for a more aggressive appearance.

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Gundam Style Toyota Auris

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