Inden Design Mercedes SLS AMG Is Sexier

Inden Design Mercedes SLS AMG Made Sexy

Without a doubt, sex sells and is one of the reasons many enthusiasts out there spend so much time and money tuning their cars. The guys from Inden Design have used this method to promote a new package for the sleek Mercedes SLS AMG with German model Katja Runiello. For the true car fans, the tuning kit is modest in the performance department with a minor boost for the 6.3-liter V8 powerplant. After the ECU optimization, the Mercedes sports car now puts down 614 horses, a decent jump from the factory 563 horsepower.

Besides the stunning car girl, who we call came to see, this Mercedes package is topped off with a new set of 21-inch alloy rims. They come wrapped in high performance Continental Sport Contact tires to keep the car planted on the pavement. Check out Katja Runiello all over the Mercedes SLS AMG below.

Inden Design Mercedes SLS AMG Made Sexy

Mercedes SLS AMG Pictures

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  1. Sarah says:

    Great car and also great girl!

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