What F1 Merchandise Can Be Purchased?

F1 Merchandise

The leading current British Formula One drivers are Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, and their fans and fans of the racing team McLaren are spoiled beyond belief when it comes to F1 Merchandise. There is range of clothing for women, men and children that includes tops, coats, hats and shoes bearing the McLaren logo and that of the current sponsors, as well as tops that are printed with the names of your favourite McLaren driver. Part of the range is specially designed by Hugo Boss and is precisely the same range of clothing that the team wore during 2011.

For women the Hugo Boss teamware range includes a limited edition very feminine sweatshirt with a low v-neck and elasticated empire line, a limited edition slim fitting foil effect polyester t-shirt with embossed logos, a slim fitting stylish jacket, and a great little white t-shirt. Men enjoy a similar range of Hugo Boss teamware items with a masculine cut and as Lewis, Jenson and the rest of the team wore during the 2011 season.

As well as clothing there is a range of special items and f1 gifts that include diecast models, hand crafted 1/8 scale models of racing cars, slot car racing sets and model car construction kits, team accessories that include pocket money items such as a team lanyard and key rings, along with official team earplugs, water bottles, and a laptop sleeve that features a sketched design of the 2011 McLaren race car. There are also posters featuring photographs taken from the 2011 season, some of which are signed by Lewis Hamilton, and a range of DVDs and books.

The replica helmets also deserve a mention. These range from half scale models made from fibreglass and polyurethane through to full scale replicas of Jenson’s, Lewis’ and Senna’s helmets. These are all limited editions and are priced at a little under £4,000, though the top of the range is a diamond encrusted replica of Lewis’s 2008 Monaco Grand Prix helmet (which will set you back £15,000).

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