VW T5 Transporter Doubleback Is A Great Idea

VW Transporter Doubleback

With the popularity of the VW Transporter T5 vans, we knew it would only be a matter of time before someone came up with a great idea. British company Doubleback has put this VW T5 into production that turns it into a mini motor home. With the press of a button, the rear slides out and nearly doubles the interior space. An elevating rooftop gives you the room to stand inside, while a kitchen area holds a 50-liter fridge with icebox. The only thing holding back this VW Transporter Doubleback is the expensive price tag.

In the UK, this modified van retails for £55,000, US$89,300 or €67,500 which is about twice the price of a stock VW T5 Transporter. However, when comparing this to a normal sized RV or motorhome, the Volkswagen 2.0-liter turbo diesel powerplant will be more efficient with a fuel economy of 36.7 mpg UK, 30.6 mpg US or 7.71 lt/km. These figures will most likely be the main selling point for the VW Transporter Doubleback with the fuel prices so inflated today.

VW Transporter Doubleback

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