2012 Moscow Car Tuning Show Videos

2012 Moscow Car Tuning Show Videos

A couple weeks ago, the Russian capital of Moscow held one of the countries largest car tuning shows. People from all over came to see the modified cars, and you see a couple nice Mansory Porsche tuning projects in one. Of course, the car girls were seen dancing all around and on top of the cars to attract attention. As good or even as bad, (girl in the blue – NSFW video) it definitely kept tuning enthusiasts engaged with the car show. Hit the jump to watch all the 2012 Moscow tuning show videos we gathered.

2012 Moscow Tuning Show Videos

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3 Responses to “2012 Moscow Car Tuning Show Videos”

  1. Biludstyr says:

    Looks very cool! I’m allready planning the trip next year!

  2. alberto II rabadon says:

    the cars was so awesome..very nice ..and i would like that kind of cars..

  3. Online Car Loans says:

    The modified cars looks fabulous. I really like the gold car and the bikes. But some of the decals are ridiculous. haha

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