McLaren F1 Replica Is Quite Cheap

McLaren F1 Replica

McLaren F1 Replica

These replica car makers are getting pretty good at what they do these days, just check out this McLaren F1 replica. While it doesn’t hold the same power as the original supercar, this one was constructed around an Audi V6 30v engine that most likely produces around 190 to 250 HP depending on the displacement. While the seller did not disclose all the specifications about the car, you can try to get your hands on this for about 150,000 Polish Zlotych, Euro €35,000 or US $45,000.

However, this particular McLaren F1 isn’t the first supercar replica to be seen for sale. Another F1 was also found in Poland, but it did not have the BMW V12 powerplant that produces over 600 horsepower. Neither of these replica cars could possibly give the original a run for its money, yet they would most likely fool the people around you into thinking you have one of the rarest cars in the world. To each their own I guess, enjoy the “McLaren F1” pictures to judge the work for yourself.

McLaren F1 Replica

McLaren F1 Replica Pictures

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2 Responses to “McLaren F1 Replica Is Quite Cheap”

  1. Mike Bles says:

    front bumper is off too. gaps are to round.. wtf… look at a picture.. I’m not going to list every single thing wrong with this kit… redo

  2. Fancy Tuning says:

    Replica building wasn’t their cup of tea. Guess that’s why we saw this for sale.

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