Prior Design Mercedes SLS AMG Teaser

Prior Design Mercedes SLS AMG

Prior Design has sent out this teaser pictures of their latest line of aftermarket parts to be released for the Mercedes SLS AMG. The luxury Mercedes sports car has seen a variety of tuners try to make the ultimate SLS AMG package, but they keep getting better every year. On this particular project, we see body modifications everywhere, the hood received new air outlets, a revised front bumper, and new splitter on the front as well. New side skirts give it a more aggressive look, while the new alloy wheels bring the complete tuning project together. Now lets wait and see if Prior Design can bring this stunning Mercedes SLS AMG to life.

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[Source: autoinformatief]

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4 Responses to “Prior Design Mercedes SLS AMG Teaser”

  1. Tippers says:

    Yes, they are getting better each year. These pictures are awesome and I can’t wait to see the Mercedes SLS AMG along with the tuning parts.

  2. Biludstyr says:

    Amazing car!

  3. The upgrades to this AMG sound great. Mercedes vehicles speak perfection in every way! Thank you for the article.

  4. daniel says:

    e tare masina frt nu am cuv sa ma exprim acestei masini superbe ,daca asa avea o masina ca asta as avea grija de ia ca de ochiii din cap…doar un cuv mai am de zis pt aceasta masina descrierea sa intr-un cuv e ,,bestiala”

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