SpeedART New Porsche Panamera Diesel

SpeedART New Porsche Panamera Design

Man have we seen a bunch of Porsche Panamera tuning projects lately. This is the latest work from popular tuners SpeedArt, featuring some new aerodynamic parts and engine upgrades for the Porsche Panamera Diesel sports car. The German tuning shop started off with the 3.0-liter turbocharged V6 diesel powerplant that was built for improvements to the factory 250 horsepower and 550 newton meters of torque.

SpeedArt decided to add a sport exhaust system to the Porsche and then optimize the ECU to bring the output up to 300 HP and 650 Nm of torque. Exterior modifications include the new 22-inch alloy wheels that come wrapped in high performance tires. A unique PS9 aero kit was installed on the Porche Panamera featuring a front lip spoiler, front and rear air intakes, side skirts, rear diffusor, and a new sporty rear wing.

SpeedART New Porsche Panamera Design

Porsche Panamera Pictures

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