Fox Marketing 2012 Honda Civic Si Tuning Project

Fox Marketing Honda Civic Si Tuning Project

Fox Marketing has announced a brand new tuning kit for the 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe that is said to be in the range of 500 horsepower. It will feature a turbocharged engine, upgraded chassis to handle all this power, and several exterior styling mods. While the factory Honda Civic Si will produce 201 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque, this kit from Fox Marketing will definitely keep the younger generation who tune these cars interested. Check out the gallery after the jump to get a sneak preview of what the completed Honda Civic Si will look like, and stay tuned for more Honda Civic tuning projects.

Honda Civic Si Pictures

[Source: carscoop]

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2 Responses to “Fox Marketing 2012 Honda Civic Si Tuning Project”

  1. Max says:

    Wow thanks for this article…. Sort of !! I have been searching all over the net for a “kit” like this for weeks. Now it awesome you guys brought it out into the light… but this article is just a tease… I mean come on, do a little journalism ! LOL. Who is Fox Marketing.. Not everyone might know.. (I don’t) Where can you get this total body & engine tuning kit..? (A very rare combination) Do they actually manufacture the turbo..? Or are they using a turbo kit by BorgWarner EFR or Garrett T Series ? I live in Tampa Fl. Are there any authorized installers in the South East ? What’s the total package cost ? Does Fox Marketing have it’s own web sight.. ? If so I couldn’t find it on three search engines.. Ok that’s all for now.. LOL

    Maxwell Gryphon

  2. Fancy Tuning says:

    google fox marketing …

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