Watch Out for this Ugly BMW 1-Series M

Ugly BMW 1-Series M

An ugly BMW 1-Series M Coupe was spotted on the streets by Teamspeed forum member Lambo91. It holds the most ridiculous rear spoiler ever seen for the BMW 1-Series M, and multi-colored alloy wheels that will make you wonder wtf? The only thing this clown car might have going is the shiny paintjob that looks like it has a few extra coats of wax. Luckily they spared the interior pictures, as we expect it to be even more hideous with this waste of time and money BMW 1-Series M. Now just skip this ugly car and check out some real BMW tuning after hitting the jump.

Ugly BMW Photos

[Source: teamspeed]

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2 Responses to “Watch Out for this Ugly BMW 1-Series M”

  1. mauricio vallejo says:

    Is this a freaking joke

  2. Tuning Pro says:

    lol nope its the worst bmw tuning we’ve seen yet

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