Is This Audi Q7 SUV Truck Conversion Real?

Audi Q7 SUV Truck Conversion

A strange image of an Audi Q7 SUV truck conversion has been circling the web now and believed to come from an Audi fan blog. This diamond plated aluminum custom made truck bed is something you don’t see everyday, and begs the question if real or fake. Many pictures on the internet now are photoshopped, and the low quality of this image has us contemplating the legitimacy. It is definitely possible to do this, but why someone would spend all their time is the real question. Why not just buy pickup truck? Maybe they love Audi’s and wanted to make easy trips to the hardware store, or it could be that the rear end of the roof was damaged and the easiest solution was to chop the top. What do you think?


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One Response to “Is This Audi Q7 SUV Truck Conversion Real?”

  1. The diamond plated truck bed will surely be appealing to almost anyone that sees your car if it were real. But it really is something that you done SEE everyday.

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