5 Tips For Buying Car Insurance

5 tips for car insurance

5 tips for car insurance

If you have a highly tuned car, then you know how difficult car insurance companies can be with giving you full coverage for all your aftermarket goodies. Now think to yourself, how many times have you bought car insurance? Did you know that most people will go from one insurance company to the next at least two times within a five year period? You don’t, and should not have to jump from insurance company to insurance company if you know what you are looking for the first time.

Buying car insurance just might be the most annoying thing in the world to some people and it’s obvious. Nobody likes to go from insurance company to insurance company just because one offers a better deal and new features on their policies, however that is exactly what the majority of people do. With price being the most common reason people jump from insurance company to insurance company you need to check the prices out with great detail and also consider the likely hood of the company being around in 5 and 10 years. Car tuning can be an issue however, because in the event of an accident, you might not be able to have those expensive carbon parts replaced by the car insurance company. There aren’t many ways around this, which why you have to specifically ask the company what they cover and how much will be covered with the plan you choose.

Here are our five tips on buying auto insurance and getting the best deal:

The first thing you need to know when buying car insurance is that not every insurance agent is going to listen to what you have to say and what your wishes are, they will just go about their business and pick a package for you. The reason this is important to know is so that you learn the different types of auto insurance and what they are used for prior to talking with an insurance agent. Don’t make the mistake many people make of letting an insurance agent pick a policy for you without knowing why they picked it and what your other options were.

Get at least 4 quotes – Once you know a little bit about the most common insurance policies you need to start getting price quotes. Something that I highly recommend is getting at least 4 price quotes from 4 different companies. The reason you should get 4 price quotes is so you know what companies offer the lowest prices and which ones offer the best features. Even though you request a certain policy some will come with extra features that other companies won’t offer and that is how you know that an insurance company is going above and beyond for their customers.

Know what policies are most common – Do you know that most common types of insurance policies? The most common car insurance policies are comprehensive and collision insurance, and liability insurance? Do you know what both of these are used for? Comprehensive insurance is used to cover everything on your car from bumper to bumper and any other property including people. Liability insurance is the most basic insurance you can get and that is the only thing that is required by law to have.

Get the best deal as possible – Always get the best deal as possible, never let an auto insurance company leave their office without feeling proud of the deal you just got. It makes a difference in your driving and your life once you know you got the best deal possible. But don’t be cheap, because sometimes its better to spend a little more, and know will be safer in the long run. You don’t want to be in a major accident with minimal coverage. You could get screwed by the law.

Price isn’t everything – The last tip to know is that price isn’t everything. Just because you are getting a lower price with a certain company doesn’t mean that is the best policy you could have gotten, sometimes price makes no difference on the quality of the policy. Like mentioned earlier, go with what fits your lifestyle the best.

We both know that you never want to hop from one insurance company to the other chasing the new policies, so follow these five tips and make sure the car insurance company you choose is a strong and powerful company. Some of these car insurance companies include the biggest in the game like Esurance, State Farm, Geico, Progressive, Allstate, USAA, Liberty, Nationwide, Travelers, and many more.

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