Nissan GTR ADV10 Deep Concave Wheels

Nissan GTR ADV10 Deep Concave Wheels

Sometimes all you need to tune up your car is a new set of wheels. Take this Nissan GTR for example, sporting a brand new set of ADV10 Deep Concave rims wrapped in low profile tires. It doesn’t take a thousand mods to make your car unique, however a few thousands dollars can get you a completely different look in just about a hour from any wheel specialist. Just look at this Nissan GT-R, not a single aftermarket part was installed besides the wheels, and it looks stunning. Props to the guys from ADV for this wheel design measuring 21×10.5 up front, and 21×12.5 at the rear. Like the saying goes, “less is more” it’s good to spend the extra buck for a nice set of rims, you usually won’t be disappointed.

[Source: gtspirit]

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2 Responses to “Nissan GTR ADV10 Deep Concave Wheels”

  1. RattleGun says:

    UGLYUGLYUGLY.Got Advan RSD’s on my GT-R and they look so much cooler than these fails.

  2. Tuning Pro says:

    noway i think like these fit the gtr well..but let me check out these RSD’s…

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