No More Saleen For The Ford Mustang

No More Saleen For The Ford Mustang

It looks like the best Saleen cars have come to an end, since the parent company Revstone announced plans to ceise manufacturing the performance Ford Mustangs. A sad day for the tuning world, especially in the states since the Mustang is one of the most popular cars to modify these days. Hopefully, something better will come. They want to focus on other aftermarket performance parts, and will stop production of the S302 come the third quarter of 2011. As seen in previous articles here on Fancy Tuning, the S302 Ford Mustang GT features an aftermarket body kit, sport suspension, and limited slip differential for boosted performance.

The president of Revstone Aftermarket, Bob LaCourciere said, “We feel it is time to retire the legend and to usher in a new era of performance. The teams responsible for engineering and development of Saleen bring a level of engineering prowess and passion that is second to none. We want to apply that same talent and dedication to second stage manufacturing.” It’s a sad day for Ford tuning enthusiasts, since the Saleen Mustang will probably go down in history as one of the best American muscle cars ever.

[Source: worldcarfans]

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