West Coast Customs Tron Audi R8

West Coast Customs Tron Audi R8

Here’s some crazy tuning by the guys from West Coast Customs and Monster Cable on the Tron themed Audi R8. Take one look at the car and the only thing that comes to mind is sick, literally, you will feel that after seeing all the pictures. Definitely overkill since the Tron motorcycle already seems to be a bust. However, some people will probably like it and want to make their car glow, even if it’s not a supercar like the Audi R8 Tron. Thankfully, there were no modifications under the hood, and West Coast Customs strictly stuck to customizing the exterior with glowing rims, glowing vents, glow seats, and a blinding chrome finish. It looks like they did a professional job building the Audi, but whoever drives this car will probably cause more accidents than help the road.

[Source: neozone]

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5 Responses to “West Coast Customs Tron Audi R8”

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  2. passyon says:

    i’m pretty sure they didn’t even see the movie… I don’t remember the Light Runner to be chromed. what a stupid project…

  3. Going to have to agree with passyon. I beleive in the movie the light runner was white. If they would have just went with a simple white and kept all the glowing stuff it would look a lot better.

  4. tyler durdan says:

    You guys are flipping retarded, the car rocks. White would have been cool, but seriously who has a chrome car?!?!? It fits perfect, love the car, bad ass!!!!

  5. Tuning Pro says:

    lol no, only a douche would drive this piece

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