Underground Racing Ferrari 458 Italia

Underground Racing Ferrari 458 Italia

These are the first photos released by Underground Racing of their Ferrari 458 Italia Twin Turbo kit, which is still in development. Expected to have an output over 1,000 horsepower, the package will come in two stages. Stage 1 will consist of the new twin turbo system installed on the stock engine, while Stage 2 will include a custom built engine to go along with the new twin turbochargers. Since the Ferrari is still being tuned and tweaked by the guys at Underground Racing the exact performance figures are unknown. Underground Racing praises the Ferrari team for the superb platform that the Ferrari 458 Italia holds, and enjoyed driving the factory car before dismantling it in their workshop.

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  1. rabbeca says:

    hi i love these cars if i had it
    i would have sex in there with my boyfriend

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