GRMN Toyota iQ Concept

GRMN iQ Racing Concept

We have a strange looking little car here from Toyota, who has exclusively debuted this tuned, track-ready conversion of the smart Toyota iQ city car. Tuning was performed by MN specially for Gazoo Racing, and the cubic iQ is the latest concept of the brand’s compact model. Most evident is the addition of a large front air dam, lower air intakes, and new racing wheels. A roll cage was custom built for the interior and track use, while the Toyota urban mini car reaps benefits from a supercharged engine. Now this is still a concept, it looks like the design and power could work since the car is so small. However, traction seems like the major issue because the short wheelbase. We’ll see what the Toyota tuning guys and GRMN can put together.

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2 Responses to “GRMN Toyota iQ Concept”

  1. Its basically a smart sports car. What the heck is toyota thinking?… they should build a new mr2 sports car with a nice drivetrain and turbo 4 instead of working on this garbage.

  2. joeffreyj says:

    This article is the answer of my problem because I am so worried about my new car cause I think I bought a wrong Chip tuning because i notice that the speed and sometimes it will accelerate automatically and it is really different as before, hope you can help me with it or suggest a chip tuning that will fit to my TOYOTA 2-door.

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