Honda CR-Z with K20 VTEC Swap

Honda CR-Z with K20 VTEC Swap

Most owners of the CR-Z and future Honda hybrid buyers will notice the cars lack of power while driving. This is expected from a small 2.0-liter four cylinder with additional electric power, however the Florida-based tuning firm at LHT Performance decided to try something different. They took the Honda K20 VTEC series motor, and were able to make a perfect fit in the Honda CR-Z. Previously the tuners pulled a similar tuning job with the Honda Insight to give it more power. They also like to note that everything still works 100%, which is pretty hard to accomplish these days with the sophisticated electronics controlling things like the cruise control, VSA, ABS, and the technical gauge cluster.

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2 Responses to “Honda CR-Z with K20 VTEC Swap”

  1. JDM Jerry says:

    Im a Honda enthusiast and I can tell you the K20 was never put in the s2000… do more research

  2. Greg says:

    you’re right, my mistake, was thinking of the F20 engine found in the Honda S2000’s

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