SkinzWraps Bugatti Veyron

SkinzWraps Bugatti Veyron

SkinzWraps Bugatti Veyron

The car wrap specialists from SkinzWraps had this Bugatti Veyron on display, which was a collaboration project between them and the Epson printer ink company. The design you can see here is beyond wild, and goes to show that any type of skin for your car is possible. All you have to do is send them your idea and they can come up with a wrap to fit your car perfectly. The company even has a new FastSkinz vehicle wrap material that is said to make cars more efficient. Supposedly, these skins reduce drag to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. We’ll just have to see how this forms over the next couple years. Maybe all future production vehicles will be wrapped instead of painted, who knows?

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  1. Bob G. says:

    Forbes has an article on the Bugatti Veyron entitled “The World’s Fastest Sports Car: Inside The $2.5 Million, 268-MPH Bugatti Veyron” which can be read at this link:


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