CULT Dodge Challenger SRT8

CULT Dodge Challenger SRT8

CULT Dodge Challenger SRT8
CULT Energy Drink is about to reveal this exceptionally tuned Dodge Challenger SRT8 at the upcoming SEMA Show next week in Las Vegas. Not a big fan of Dodge’s but this is one Challenger I’d drive. Do you see that blower coming out the hood! This black matted monster boasts an amazing masculine widebody kit to go along with the 8.3-liter V8 HEMI. Additionally, this mean looking muscle car spotlights the highly aggressive red front lights, CULT stickers, larger wheels and brakes, and of course the supercharger that almost reaches the sky. Full details about this Dodge Challenger will be available once the SEMA Show starts on November 2nd.

[Source: teamspeed]

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10 Responses to “CULT Dodge Challenger SRT8”

  1. bob says:

    …8.3L v8

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    Fn Bad ass!

  3. jack o lantern says:

    So do you know the difference between a super charger and a blower? Well I guess not, IT IS A BLOWER not a super charger.


  4. solomon addai says:

    am a street racer

  5. BobbyRay says:


  6. Badboy says:

    @jack o latern
    Its a supercharger with a blower on top and also poppin threu the hood,now who’s the dumass?!!

  7. isaias vargas says:

    que carrazo es una maravilla lo unico sus diseñadores son demasiados profesionales para modificarlo………

    yo tengo un toyota celica 1976 quisiera modifircarlo soy de ecuador

  8. mike says:

    Its a supercharger with ram air “blower” on top of it. Dumbass.

  9. Jamie says:

    So you do know a blower and a supercharger are the same thing right ?
    Both are belt driven forced air inductors. There are however different types of superchargers. The old school “roots” and the newer screw types. Blower was and always will be slang for supercharger.
    The only other different thing is a turbo which once again does the same thing however is exhaust driven rather than belt / pulley.

    Get your facts right before calling out people with wrong info

  10. Nick Newbee says:

    I am new to the muscle car world. I love Challengers. I am assuming everything under the hood is not factory. Just wondering if possible to put something like this on a stock SRT-8?

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