Bentley On Fire

Bentley Car On Fire

Bentley Car On Fire 7

Most of the time a car catching on fire is due to overheating or poor engineering with the electrical parts, but the Russian media are believing something different with this Bentley Continental GT. Nobody knows exactly what happened to this luxury car, but people are suggesting that an angry group of pedestrians set it on fire because the owner took up three parking spots. If this is true, then I don’t feel bad for the owner because owning a Bentley doesn’t buy you the right for more parking space. So, let’s make this a rule now, don’t park your car in more than one space!

[Source: carlifeblog via gtspirit]

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2 Responses to “Bentley On Fire”

  1. Leon Jaeggi says:

    Just maybe the aholes who did this were the same ones that put over £6,000 worth of dents in the sides of my Bentley. – If you think it’s funny to advocate this sort of violence – then perhaps I hope you never own a Bentley.

  2. Greg says:

    That’s true, and this is also a perfect reason to have good insurance!

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