Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS

Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS

Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS

The Piecha Design Mercedes SLK RS just received a new face lift that is offering its potential owners the chance to show off a modified car that mixes just the right amounts of luxury, elegance, and sportiness. The new car tuning performance RS package is being offered exclusively from the German masterminds behind Piecha Design. The new design package will delight owners with such features as fog lights, new lateral double grills, an entirely different front end bumper complete with LED headlights specifically for daytime driving, a wide spoiler sword centrally located and additional brake air channel.

Customers have the option to order the aftermarket LED skirt lamps that offer the driver an unsurpassed night lighting view, and the Mercedes-Benz SLK RS automatically received rounded side skirts with ample sized rear air intake channels. Piecha put their best tuners on a development for the diffusers and surplus under-floor wings with optional serial exhaust system cut-outs, with a complete four pipe exhaust system. Bringing up the rear is a great new skirt with a wide grille insert that adds to the overall sporty effect.

Continuing the exterior upgrade package is a rear glass wind deflector, a one touch function, specifically designed for the comfort Vario roof modulation. The tuning company then added tear drop shaped, dual hinged sport mirrors, either 19-inch or 20-inch dp2 Peicha Phantom wheels, and aero wings perfectly crafted for the car hood. For the owner who prefers to go for the whole SLK tuning package, this car has the ability to have it’s entire suspension system lowered by approximately 30 mm, specifically designed to make needed space for larger wheels and to improve this car’s perfect visual impression.

[Source: Piecha Design]

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