AG Excalibur

AG Excalibur

AG Excalibur

The Lithuanian tuning specialists AG Excalibur have released the official pictures of the unique Shark, based off the BMW M6 and Mercedes-Benz CL. Showcasing extreme body work and over the top styling, both these AG Excalibur models were displayed in the test drive pits of Top Marques Monaco 2010. Imagine walking down the sidewalk and seeing massive 30-inch spinning rims on a car that was built to only hold 20’s. AG Excalibur did some amazing work with the BMW M6 and Mercedes CL, adding six parking cameras, two gear shifters, and turning it into a masterpiece, or monstrosity in my opinion.

The owner of the famous AG Excalibur cars is looking for clients, investors, and partners to extend the business around the world to manufacture a small line-up of modified high-end automobiles. These vehicles are certainly unique, however it is unknown what the future will hold for the AG Excalibur tuning firm and their plans. The BMW M6 definitely looks marketable, and would probably be ideal for the flashy sports superstars, but the Mercedes CL is just plain overkill if you ask me.

AG Excalibur BMW

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5 Responses to “AG Excalibur”

  1. STINGER_ says:

    What a horrible car!!!! OMG! :X

  2. Paige says:

    this car is georgus….

  3. Bob G. says:

    It looks like Snaggletooth.

  4. lukas says:

    maciau realybiai airike :DD

  5. jose says:

    man that car is beast id be rollin in that

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