Update: Gemballa MIG-U1 Ferrari Enzo

Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo

Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo

Here are the official pictures of the new Gemballa MIG-U1 based on the Ferrari Enzo. The previous article we wrote last month did not have the performance numbers or high resolution photos of the Gemballa MIG-U1. Now we come to find out the car boasts a powerful V12 engine capable of producing 700 hp. The new styling kit Gemballa installed makes the car 80 mm wider in the front, and 100 mm wider at the rear than the stock Ferrari Enzo. There is also an electric hydraulic height adjustable suspension that can lower or raise the car 45 mm with the push of a button. This original MIG-U1 supercar was put together for Gemballa’s Middle East distributor, the Illyas and Mustafa Galardi Group.

Gemballa announced they will produce 25 of these cars now since they received such high praise. With the 700 horsepower and Ferarri Enzo structure it won’t come cheap though. The car also sits on Gemballa GTR Racing forged wheels made of light alloy and wrapped in high performance tires. The interior of the MIG-U1 was hooked up with satellite navigation, DVD player, iPod connection, 7″ touch screen, and 950 watt amplifier to boost the sound. While riding with all these premium options, the suspension was equipped with ball bearing bushings to improve the handling and driving comfort even further.

Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 2Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 3

Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 4Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 5Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 6

Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 7Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 8Gemballa MIG U1 Ferrari Enzo 9

[Source: Gemballa]

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